Lakefront Lodge


Flagstaff Landing is a unique inland Maine experience located directly on Flagstaff Lake in Eustis, ME. We strive to combine the best elements by offering rustic Maine lodging, excellent food at the Brickyard Hollow located in our building, and access to the lake with our private marina.

Flagstaff Landing incorporates the iconic hunting lodge, hotel, hostel, restaurant, and event hall experiences, offering something unique to Maine and closer to the wild side of Maine life than you could ever find near the coast. Plus, just 10 miles from Sugarloaf and surrounded by trails, we offer a great way to make the most of both Maine’s summer and winter outdoor recreation.

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Flagstaff landing consists of 6 individual guest rooms, each with its own private bathroom, outdoor patio, lawn space with a fire pit, a dock with access to canoes and kayaks, and is located just minutes to the nearest convenience stores and restaurants. We have everything you need to make your Eustis getaway the very best that it can be. 

Staying the Night at

Flagstaff Landing Lodge

Our accommodations are simple, rustic, and beautiful. Our building is an original barn restored to beyond its former glory with original woodwork exposed and on proud display. Every room has its own unique character, being suited to individual guests, couples, friends, or small families and having most of the same rustic amenities of a hunting camp. It’s the perfect place to rest your head after a long day exploring the wilds of inland Maine, hiking trails, or enjoying the incredible and storied Flagstaff Lake.

Dining at Flagstaff Landing

with Brickyard Hollow

Dining at Flagstaff Landing is provided by Brickyard Hollow, a regional chain known for craft pizza and brewing that has taken greater Portland by storm. This special location has its own personality and a unique menu to provide an excellent and exciting dining experience whether you’re staying for an hour or the whole weekend.

We know you’ll love enjoying the best of Portland and the best of Eustis all under one roof.

The History of Flagstaff Lake

Flagstaff Lake has an interesting yet murky history hidden beneath its tranquil waters. Before the lake was as it is today, it was a much smaller body of water supporting several villages. These now-extinct communities of Bigelow, Flagstaff, and Dead River, were flooded due to the construction of the Long Falls Dam, a hydroelectric dam built in 1950.

Hosting your Wedding or Corporate Event at Flagstaff

Are you looking for something new and different for your wedding? Looking to shake things up with your next corporate retreat? You can hold a unique event that your guests will talk about for years to come at Flagstaff Landing. Our peaceful and secluded renovated barn located in the Maine wilderness is the perfect flexible space for escaping the hustle and bustle without giving up the modern comforts we love!

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You can take advantage of our beautiful lakefront property whether you want to have an unforgettable wedding or to entice your executive management team to leave the office politics behind.  With a dedicated marina, gorgeous outdoor patio, space for setting up an event tent, and more, we know that whatever you have in mind, Flagstaff Landing is the place for you to do it.

Enjoying the Great Central Maine Outdoors

It’s no secret that central Maine is a very rural, natural expanse. To some, this makes it seem empty and uninteresting, but for those of us who love the outdoors, it’s an incredible place to be.